Our Story

Our Story


At Calypso Coffee Bean, we have embarked on organizing the farmers and helping them come up with development programs combined with training them to produce quality natural Robusta coffees that would ensure a better return on their harvest.

Over the years Balinese farmers (Pupuan in particular) have produced quality coffee of which they do not consume because value addition is an expensive and tedious (in their minds) process.

Calypso Coffee Bean decided to address this by setting up a roasting and packaging facility in Pujungan to process the coffee in Pupuan where it is grown, which allows the company to retain a greater proportion of the value addition thereby enabling us to support the farmers and empower their communities.

We try to be in touch with these communities on a wholesome level. We feel great about our coffee but we feel even greater about the farmers because we believe we can’t have one without the other.

Our Story

Local Wisdom

Subak Abian’s Wisdom to Improve the Coffee Quality…

Subak Abian is a traditional farmer organization in Bali that adheres to the Hindu philosophy of “Tri Hita Karana”, which translates as three causes of happiness that can be obtained when one has a good relationship with God, other people, and nature. This philosophy itself is a starting point for Subak Abian to continue the tradition of coffee plantations in Bali in a sustainable way.

The existence of Subak Abian is a traditional organization on farming activities encouraged the success of the collaborative partnership between Ithe local governments, and farmers. Local values that adhere by Subak Abian worked in two aspects. First, sustaining the environment or palemahan is actualized by Subak Abian in the way of farming practices by not using chemical inputs or called organic farming.

Second, Subak Abian becomes an economic unit of coffee processing and collective marketing. The value of mutually helping encouraged coffee farmers to improve coffee quality to get a higher price. Nowadays, Bali’s coffee is well developed, higher quality, and many global exporters come to Bali to buy Kintamani Arabica coffee and Pupuan Robusta coffee directly from farmers’ organizations